Supervising Professional Soils & Agronomy Staff

Dean Wesley

Agronomist/ Soil Scientist/ President/ Co-Owner


Dean received his B.S. degree in Soil Science from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. in Agronomy from South Dakota State University. His previous position was Professor of Agriculture at Western Illinois University where he taught soil chemistry and soil physics. His consulting and research experience includes the improvement of crop production on land disturbed during land leveling for irrigation, the establishment of yield potentials on reclaimed strip mined land, the establishment of vegetative cover on disturbed soils exposed during construction and the evaluation of crop yields as affected by fertilization and tillage.

Matthew M. Duncan

Soil Scientist/ Agronomist/ Project Supervisor


Matt provides management, recommendations, and consulting services for agricultural lands disturbed by pipeline construction and mining; agricultural monitoring/ inspection; soil and crop assessments; soils and agronomic training and education; agricultural consulting for agricultural industry, and GIS soil fertility management; with duties including reclamation of strip-mined farmland, contract research, pipeline right-of-way yield analysis, and compaction analysis. He has a B.S. in Agronomy (Soil Science) from the University of Illinois and an M.S. in Soil Classification and Morphology from Purdue University. He is experienced as a research agronomist, soil scientist, agronomic/soil science educator and field agronomist. His specialty is in developing corrective recommendations based on interactions between crops, soil, insects, pathogens, and constructions/ management practices.

Tad L. Wesley

Agronomist/ Technology Manager/ Project Supervisor


Tad's duties are with pipeline right-of-way yield estimates and compaction analysis; reclamation of strip-mined land and farmland; contract research; management of GIS and GPS computer systems, including Variable Rate Fertilizer Equipment for clients; Reclamation consulting for agricultural lands disturbed by pipeline construction and mining, agricultural monitoring/ inspection, soil and crop assessments, contract research, agricultural consulting for agricultural industry, and GIS soil fertility management. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science from Western Illinois University and a Master of Science degree in Soil Fertility from Kansas State University. Tad worked for Kansas State University Agricultural Extension Service managing GIS and GPS computer systems and a Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilizer Project.

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