Precision Ag Services

     Key Agricultural Services Inc. began grid soil sampling in 1977. We incorporated GPS into the system in the early 90's, and started using GPS yield monitor data as a component in determining variable rate fertilizer requirements in the early 1990's. We have been at the forefront of Precision agriculture ever since. Our diverse and detailed knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of soil, crop production practices, agronomy, and GIS systems gives us a background and level of expertise second to none.

     A major specialty of Key Agricultural Services, Inc. is to observe management practices, identify potentially problematic components of management activities, make recommendations to minimize the effects of the practices on agricultural crop production, and increase on farm efficiencies and profit.


Basic Program

Using GPS Soil test data to create variable rate fertilizer recommendations far more efficient than conventional straight rate applications.


Advanced Management Program

The next step in precision-ag management when GPS yield data is not available. Using GPS Soil test data, field average yields, and Georeferenced soil type data, variable rate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium recommendations are created.


Site-Specific Farm Management Program

A complete farm analysis system incorporating GPS Soil test data, GPS yield data, and geo-referenced soil type data to create the most efficient, site-specific, and accurate variable rate fertilizer recommendations possible. A valuable component to this program is the ability to identify management practices that may be limiting optimum crop yield.


For more information on these programs and how they can increase your farms profitability contact us at: (309) 833-1313 or

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